Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lughnasadh inspiration

This month's full moon fell on Lughnasadh, and while looking for artwork to inspire I discovered Jacek Yerka, a contemporary surrealist from Poland. Working in acrylics, he paints these fantastical compositions full of mystery, also with an incredible eye for detail. His landscape settings draw on his life in the Polish countryside, and they are heavy in dreamlike atmosphere, while his topsy-turvy representations of interior spaces display a reverence for the everyday objects that occupy our lives.

Jacek Yerka, "Amok Harvest"

Jacek Yerka, "Bathyscaphe"

Jacek Yerka, "Brontosaurus Civitas"

Jacek Yerka, "Cloubreaker"
It's worth looking at Yerka's website to appreciate how accomplished he is as an artist. Plus his own explanation of his working process shows a great sense of humour. Limited edition prints of his paintings are also available through the site.