Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opening tonight @ Congregation Gallery, May 14th 2011

From 9pm tonight the next installment of Congregation Gallery is open to all comers. It's a triple bill, featuring work from Dan Harding, Larkin and Patrick "Star 27" Deignan. Here's a sneak peak of what's on display - the show will be up until June 5th at 7569 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. Just look for the "Forgotten Saints" sign.

Dan Harding, "Thirteen"
Dan Harding, "Slow Burn"
Deignan's "Bad Obsession"
Deignan's "Suck You Dry"
Larkin, "Babyface McBastard"
Larkin, "Corona"
Larkin, "The First Born Son"
Larkin, "Saint Aloysius and Chumpchange"
Larkin, "The Iceman"
Larkin, "Recoil"
Larkin, "Abbey Badland"

Larkin, "Saint Gus and Pilot"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lanie Lane @ Hotel Cafe, Hollywood

Last night we got to see a red-hot little Aussie chick doing her very awesome music stuff. Remember this name - Lanie Lane!! 
Because I think you will be hearing a lot of her very soon.

Lanie singing her sweet songs.

With Marc Orrell on guest harmonica!

And she digs Count Basie - what's not to love?
Lanie (rhymes with "flanny") was here in LA on the way to Nashville to record with Jack White - yes, THAT Jack White. Her sound was sweet, her voice smoky, and her musical style is drawn from the likes of Muddy Waters, The Andrews Sisters, but with a twist of sassy soul. Rather than just be a nostalgic retro trip, Lanie Lane imbued her performance last night with enough modern cheek to hook us into her world. My personal highlight was her "Vampire Blues" Marc Orrell's lung-bustin' harmonica cameo. Gold!

After recording, Lanie is doing a show in NYC then onto London - if you are over that side of the US or the pond, please go see her, you will have a new sweetheart. Don't worry Aussies, you'll get her back in time for "Splendour In The Grass" at the end of July. To read more about Lanie Lane, go to her website, and keep an eye out for her new record, due mid-2011.

Safe travels Lanie, and go get' em girl!
Photograph by Benjamin Fraser.

Monday, May 2, 2011

R.I.P. The Arthouse, Melbourne.

I'm way too bummed to talk about The Arty finally closing in my home town on the weekend. So please read Tom's story here.

So sad I wasn't there.

Well done, Victorian bureaucracy, another home for independent musicians bites the dust.