Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Amy...

Today's the 30th of July. That means it's been 7 days since you passed. They've already had your funeral, and your Dad is apparently giving your clothes away to the fans that are holding vigil at your apartment. Strange days, indeed.

Just as strange as the last few years were for you. I never met you. I just liked your music. Well, actually, I hated it at first. Back in 2003 your first record "Frank" entered my house and I was told "you'll probably like this". I guess because along with all the other types of music I like, I also fancy a bit of jazz and soul, your debut album was recommended to me. So I played it, and my immediate reaction was "god, I can't STAND her voice!!" It grated on me, the way you sang, all sass and marbles in your mouth, so full of Gen Y attitude. "Who is this little chick?!" I thought.

Well, I gave "Frank" another play, then another...and I got to know you, as far as I ever could. This little Jewish girl with the biggest balls, singing about boozing and blokes and heartbreak and passion and cheating. And I started smiling, because I began to get your lyrics, and they were funny! I never expected someone so young to sing with such wit and knowingness, but by using contemporary slang and phrasing you created an original sound for yourself, while honouring the jazz style you so blatantly loved.

You nailed it on "Fuck Me Pumps" - You can't sit down right/ Cause your jeans are too tight/ And your lucky it's ladies night/ With your big empty purse/ Every week it gets worse/ At least your breasts cost more than hers. Comparing an insipid boyfriend to frozen turkey in "Stronger Than Me" and then later sweetly and beautifully crooning the 1930's jazz standard "There Is No Greater Love" only cemented the vision of talent that was becoming obvious. And that stopped grating, and instead all I could hear was that gorgeous honesty, and a timbre like few others of your age. You sang about Moschino bras, and your guitar....and it was so REAL. You connected in an uncanny way with girls and guys your age, but allowed people way past their twenties to reconnect with the tumult of that age. And the sound was just awesome.

You sold a few records and started getting noticed, and then the stories started. Messy nights, messy gigs, and it seemed some of us knew your path was set. You put out another great record, won more awards, and made a tidy little earner from your talent. You gave us more wit: What kind of fuckery is this?/ You made me miss the Slick Rick gig" from "Me and Mr Jones" is one of my favourite lines! Your voice boomed with so much soul and grit on "Back to Black", and the brilliant Dap Kings consolidated the mash-up of your Motown soul melodies. Of course though, everyone talked about "Rehab", and how sadly autobiographical it was becoming, as behind the scenes you became fodder for the tabloids and their photographers.

Your older fans have watched many of their musical heroes destroy themselves, and last week your body gave up after the years of punishment. It was unsurprising that it happened at all, yet tragic that it happened so quickly, that someone so young and with so much to offer would become yet another rock cliche. Russell Brand wrote a poignant tribute to you, about addiction inevitably ending one way or the other. As someone who has watched friends win and lose similar battles, and received the dreaded phone call, your death is a reminder for us of the ghastly wretchedness of drug addiction. It is by no means a romantic death. The survivors - the friends and family - are left behind with the wounds of guilt that still smart years later. We ask ourselves "could I have saved her", "if I'd called the day before would he still be here?, "did I do enough?" It's a heartbreak hard to fathom unless you have lived it.

So, Amy, maybe it was a battle you could never win, but I am grateful for the 27 years we had you. No matter how you saw yourself, you gave us a gift, and I will always remember you for it.

Thank you for the music, Amy Winehouse.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is gonna be huge.

Been on a bit of a "journey" the last couple of months, and time has flown...

So here's a big catch-up.

Artisanal LA
A showcase of food vendors who share a passion for healthy, local and sustainable ingredients, this community event held in Santa Monica in April allowed us to taste the best caramel popcorn, chocolate, cheeses, and teas around.

Six weeks of partying at The Forum.
Fell in love with Prince 5 times....4 times in Inglewood and once more at The Troubadour. And tattooed the symbol on Mr. Moth.....who went 11 times!!

Rediscovered The Getty
This place always takes my breath away. From the stunning views of West Los Angeles and the ocean, to the glorious gardens and architecture...and that's before we even talk of the collection. It's impossible to take a bad photograph here, and it's not that far to get some serenity!!

LA Pride March
We feel so lucky to live in West Hollywood. We have a great community around us.
The one and only Johnny Weir, figure skating champion - Eddie's mate.

Made new friends
 Brutus and his pal had a meeting at Fat Dog on Fairfax. 

Belly rubs in Santa Monica...

...on a long-haired English Mastiff.

This one I call "Bertoia Chair with sweet Frenchies".

Not a dog, but one of our local hummingbirds, resting on the jacaranda - so TINY, the size of two thimbles.

 Snoozy Fiona.

 Stanley loves food trucks as much as I do.

 Nash the big Airedale.

Lucy being lazy and thinking about something...

 And finally, favourite film dog so far for 2011, Cosmo, who steals the show in the touching and beautifully human "Beginners". Go see it! Here's the director giving him direction for the next scene.

And finally walked Runyon Canyon
 ....saw hawks scoping for food,  but no rattlesnakes yet. 

The nag who lives at the top of the hill - a nice relief after slogging it up the canyon!

But never forget, this is the city where you can gaffer tape your car and it's still considered "road worthy".

And where The Pointer Sisters play at The Roxy the day after Vegan Beer Fest.
Gotta love LA!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Escuela Taqueria - BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE!!

There's a new little gem in the neighbourhood - and we stumbled upon it the other night while driving through the streets around The Grove area. It's only been open 2 weeks, and my goodness, it's a goodie!

The new labour of love of Steve Arroyo, Escuela Taqueria is the cutest little taco place. Gorgeously fitted out with patterned tiles, timber paneling, zinc and iron tables, all complemented by the suspension of a huge bunch of vintage chairs from the ceiling - this is a very special place.

But it's not big. It only seats 25, with a couple of extra tables out the front. And the menu is well curated, with offerings of the taco variety dominating. The flavours, however are HUGE! As soon as were seated we were immediately served fresh corn chips, guacamole and the zingiest, most delicious fresh salsa ever. Then we had our tacos - me the fish (branzino), lightly grilled, with a slaw filling and beautiful dressing, he had the slow cooked beef taco. Both of us were thrilled. Because this was more of a "late-night-snack" treat, we were very full after that. But we will definitely return soon to also try the rice and beans, Mexican-style corn on the cob, and of course the churros. The menu apparently will rotate a bit, as according to what is seasonally available from local producers.

The service was awesome - such friendly and cute waitresses - the prices very good, and the playlist fantastic. Eating tacos while listening (and singing) to The Smiths' "This Charming Man"? I bloody love it.

But I almost don't want to tell anyone about Escuela Taqueria. This teeny place will be packed soon enough, queues down the street....better start being a regular quick smart!!

Escuela Taqueria
308 North Stanley Avenue, 
West Hollywood 

Escuela Taqueria's salsa, guacamole and chips.
My yummy fish tacos!!
The open kitchen - love those hexagonal tiles.
Looking to the ceiling.
The walls feature an eclectic art collection. Who doesn't mind a bit of Fairey?