Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obey Your Master: Art Tribute to Metallica

A fair bit of Metallica gets played in the Moth household - I am a fan of the old era, Mr Moth is an even bigger fan. So much so that when he heard there was to be a tribute to one of his favourite metal bands ever, down the road, at Tony Alva's gallery, well... he set about snagging us an invite to the exclusive opening night. And in the last days, he came through with the goods.

Around 40 artists participated, all selecting a Metallica song to represent visually in the media of their choosing. Some contributors were the "usual suspects" but others were new to me and some pieces just blew me away. Plus, even though opening night was jam-packed (yes, a huge queue to get in), Mr Moth got a photo with Lars - certainly worth battling the hot and stuffy gallery!

Jon Chase, "The Four Horsemen", airbrush on canvas.

Shepard Fairey "Disposable Heroes", mixed media painting on paper.

Shawn Barber, "No Remorse", oil on panel

Nathan Ota, "Whiplash", acrylic on wood panel.

Detail from the "Whiplash" painting.

Travis Louie's "All Nightmare Long", acrylic on board, but looks look an antique family photograph.

Chris Peters, "Nothing Else Matters", oil on linen over panel.

Paul Chatem, "Battery", acrylic on wood.

Kim Saigh, "For Whom the Bell Tolls", oil on canvas.
Nicola Verlato, "Sad But True" - incredible work.

To see the full coverage of the art show, click here to see photos from opening night and images of all pieces on display.