Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obey Giant - Shepard Fairey, La Brea District 11/11/11

I have no interest in these superstitions about dates and times. I am interested though in the flurry of creative activity that seems to be happening around town and the world this week. One such accomplishment was unveiled yesterday in the District La Brea area, a new Shepard Fairey mural. We headed down there this morning, and the team was still working on it, on the alley side of the carpark they are painting. Nice to see Shepard there himself, spraying and chatting away in the LA chill. They were planning on finishing today, and with rain on the way, they'll be keen to get out of the elements.

There is also a group art show to coincide with the event, hanging at 161 S. La Brea Ave for 2 weeks only. For more info, read here.

There were lots of Orthodox locals out and about on their Saturday morning walks while we were watching the work. I loved the contradiction of cultures interacting in this space, and caught these two little boys as they cut through the alley.