Sunday, September 18, 2011'll find us striving.

If we could all predict the future, this place would actually be pretty boring. We wouldn't know sadness, joy, laughter, disappointment...we would never know the exhiliration of surprise when things exceed our expectations, nor learn from expectations unmet.

Humans still are fascinated with the question "what if?" The desire to control our future, and gamble on predictions eats at us, and we love to make movies about a fantasy world where our future is in our hands. Remember the film "Big"? The fortune telling machine featured in the movie that magically helped turn a young Josh Baskin into a 30 year-old version of himself became hugely popular after the film was screened in 1988, and a company in America still makes a version of it. While visiting Santa Monica pier, we found a "Zoltar" hidden away in the amusement park...perfect!!

Put in a dollar and he tells you your fortune. I was hoping for some tip on the footy but he instead gave me some advice on wealth and some lotto numbers:

But maybe it wasn't Zoltar who could help...maybe it was someone else....I found this kid walking around with an unusual shirt on. I couldn't believe it!! So I stalked him to get a good look.....

Aaaaah, Santa Monica. So pretty, even on an overcast day. I think I need to love you more often.