Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're a happy team at Hawthorn!

So, here we are, AFL finals time already, and Hawks are having a good crack. This is the first time I am not in Melbourne to watch and enjoy this time of the year. It will be quite strange experiencing the fortunes of my beloved Hawks from the other half of the earth. But, I will make do with the internet subscription that will allow me to watch the games at a rather brutal time of the morning. 

So, in honour of this long-distance dalliance with sporting romance, I will be photographing my 2008 Hawthorn member's scarf (the year of our last premiership) in and on an assortment of beings and objects that I consider iconic to my LA.
First off was of course my workmate, Muttley Saints, handsomest bulldog that ever strutted Melrose Ave. Brown and gold suit him I think!!!