Thursday, September 8, 2011

We love our club and we play to win...

In the late 1960's, Jim Morrison was one of the most famous people on the planet. And he spent a lot of his time in the West Hollywood neighbourhood where I happen to live. I didn't realise until I started exploring my new home that so much remained of this incredible period. I saw this building as just some little Mexican restaurant, until I noticed the plaque on the front while walking home one night.

Originally an antique store, by the time The Doors were recording "LA Woman" in November 1970 this building served as their offices, rehearsal and recording studios, and hang-out. Morrison recorded his vocals in the downstairs bathroom, and apparently the room has been maintained as a shrine for some time. This was to be the last studio recording for Jim with The Doors, as within 7 months or so he had died in Paris. The Mexican restaurant recently closed down - who knows what is happening to the building and the memorabilia that used to be here.

Hence, it's the setting for today's scarf photo - a pretty iconic place in my opinion, albeit a bit too pink today.

There's a comprehensive mini-online tour for Doors fans available here, with photos and locations. It was through this that we just found Jim and his girl Pam lived right around the corner from where we live now!! This neck of the woods is a must-see for any rock history buffs - might see you in the 'hood!!

Best of luck to the mighty Hawks tonight - be legendary.