Saturday, September 3, 2011

Natural History Museum - rocks and fossils.

Of all the places to go to on a Sunday in LA to get out of the heat, we chose the Natural History Museum. 
The museum has just renovated its dinosaur hall, which has recently re-opened to the public, and has now doubled the size of the exhibition space. The A-listers are all here - tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops - as well as some decent supporting actors in the paleontology world. Some of the displays are awe-inspiring, with specimens displayed in full grandeur. Your imagination runs wild, walking amongst what remains of these giants!

We also took in some local artifacts in the "California History" room. I was enamoured with the old posters and papers, particularly the "equality" image in reference to the fight for women's right to vote, finally officially endorsed by Congress in 1918. I also discovered the work of Henri Penelon, portrait painter and photographer, who worked in Southern California during the mid-19th century. His portrait of Don Jose M. Yndart caught my eye with it's soft whimsy - no doubt counter to the harsh conditions of contemporary Los Angeles.

It was also one of the final days to see the butterfly enclosure, and these beauties up close.

Being so close to the LA Coliseum, there are remnants remaining of the 1984 Olympics. Check out the concrete benches that still line the paths and gardens around the museum. Vintage!!

But here's some advice - don't come on the weekend. There are kids EVERYWHERE. My ears were ringing from the squeals and high pitched chatter of little humans overwhelmed by their surroundings. For more info on the less-busy days to visit, and the many events held here check their website:

This place is a must see, and I'll be back for the spiders!!