Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts


This weekend there was a little celebration of the Welsh here in LA, appropriately set in the surrounds of Frank Lloyd Wright's gorgeous Hollyhock House. I have a bit of Welsh in me by virtue of my maternal grandfather having spent his childhood there, and so have a bit of a sentimental attachment. And upon discovering there were going to be corgis there...well, wild sheep couldn't keep me away.

There's the red dragon!

First up, food and beer! Shepherds pie, sausages, and stwns, for the others while I had Welsh rarebit. All very olde worlde, with busty beer maidens and mock Tudor features.

The corgis, delightful Dukey and Chad, who I couldn't stop patting! Their mums were in traditional Welsh working-class dress.

Pan Pipes' stall in the marketplace, under the pine trees.

And their mascot, 11 week old Vincent Price, Italian greyhound.

 Merry musical instruments...

 ...with a merry Welsh dragon, who was nearly passing out for not being able to breath.


On the way out we found a fine example of peaceful political declaration, just in time for next year's election.

Afterwards, it was home for cups of tea with the Welsh cakes we bought from California's own Welsh Baker. If you're curious, they are available to order from their website. Don't forget this little country, it is often overshadowed by neighbours Ireland and Scotland in the Celtic world. But delve further, and you will be surprised at how many amazing people have come from this part of the globe. It's not all miners and sheep.