Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is gonna be huge.

Been on a bit of a "journey" the last couple of months, and time has flown...

So here's a big catch-up.

Artisanal LA
A showcase of food vendors who share a passion for healthy, local and sustainable ingredients, this community event held in Santa Monica in April allowed us to taste the best caramel popcorn, chocolate, cheeses, and teas around.

Six weeks of partying at The Forum.
Fell in love with Prince 5 times....4 times in Inglewood and once more at The Troubadour. And tattooed the symbol on Mr. Moth.....who went 11 times!!

Rediscovered The Getty
This place always takes my breath away. From the stunning views of West Los Angeles and the ocean, to the glorious gardens and architecture...and that's before we even talk of the collection. It's impossible to take a bad photograph here, and it's not that far to get some serenity!!

LA Pride March
We feel so lucky to live in West Hollywood. We have a great community around us.
The one and only Johnny Weir, figure skating champion - Eddie's mate.

Made new friends
 Brutus and his pal had a meeting at Fat Dog on Fairfax. 

Belly rubs in Santa Monica...

...on a long-haired English Mastiff.

This one I call "Bertoia Chair with sweet Frenchies".

Not a dog, but one of our local hummingbirds, resting on the jacaranda - so TINY, the size of two thimbles.

 Snoozy Fiona.

 Stanley loves food trucks as much as I do.

 Nash the big Airedale.

Lucy being lazy and thinking about something...

 And finally, favourite film dog so far for 2011, Cosmo, who steals the show in the touching and beautifully human "Beginners". Go see it! Here's the director giving him direction for the next scene.

And finally walked Runyon Canyon
 ....saw hawks scoping for food,  but no rattlesnakes yet. 

The nag who lives at the top of the hill - a nice relief after slogging it up the canyon!

But never forget, this is the city where you can gaffer tape your car and it's still considered "road worthy".

And where The Pointer Sisters play at The Roxy the day after Vegan Beer Fest.
Gotta love LA!!