Saturday, April 30, 2011

New material from Erich Origen.

The Daily Good has sent a "heads up" about Eric Origen's new project - to create an "Encyclopedia of Gratitude: From Abba to Zamboni." And we can all contribute to the online version through his blog with our own ideas of what we are grateful for. Origen's future book will serve as a reminder of what it feels to be alive, and of how all of those seemingly frivolous moments, objects and human connections enrich our existence and make it more beautiful.

Listing such things as "climbing trees", "Stevie Wonder", "the invention of glass", "miniature golf", there is a lot of sweet humour in the encyclopedia. Check it out for yourself, read one item a day with your kids - I dare you not to smile. Better still, write a contribution and it may make the final book! Now that's something to be grateful for.