Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyone loves a (royal) wedding!!

Not long to go now before we have a bit of royal hoohah to watch on the telly....I myself have found myself reminiscing on the last major one - yes the Lady Di/Prince Charles nuptials, and that ENORMOUS, very princessy, train!! I watched as a child at my English grandparent's house all those years ago, and that is one of the images I will never forget...all I could think of was the poor buggers who had to sew the bloody thing.

Methinks that this time around, young Kate will wear something far more sophisticated and tailored. I know there has been a concerted push to have her choose an Alexander McQueen piece - in a tribute to him and the British fashion industry, and to make a bold statement on her path as future (possible) queen. Let alone the fact something from that fashion house would surely blow everyone's socks off!!

But, we still have to wait a couple more the meantime, some fun has been had in West Hollywood with the windows of Agent Provocateur on Melrose Ave. In a fittingly sexy, bawdy and cheeky tribute to the new royal couple is a reminder of what will lie beneath layers of fabric and hours of needlework - a good pair of knickers!!