Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby bulldog getting lots of love.

A good friend of Forgotten Saints has been passing on the tale of a little fellow called "Dexter". He is a wee baby bulldog who was "surrendered" to the Southern Californian Bulldog Rescue at 4 weeks of age with some major physical issues - he wasn't able to stand (what they call a "swimmer puppy"), his lungs were very weak and prone to pneumonia, and was so young to be away from his mum. But this amazing group of volunteers have taken him under their wing and into their hearts 
to get him thriving and literally "up on his feet"... and look at him now! 

With lots of rehabilitation, and around-the clock feeds 
and attention, he's so much better. 

Look at that FACE!!!!

Day one, at the vet.
With his new foster-mum.
Dexter's hobbled legs, to help him learn to stand. Look at that belleh!
Time for a kip.
A week later, and he is getting stronger!
Look, standing!!

Like all dog rescue organizations, the SoCal Bulldog Rescue dedicate themselves to rescuing and re-homing English Bulldogs that have fallen out of favour with their owners, or been the victims of abuse and circumstance. There are some lovely stories on their site about beautiful animals who have found new love and a good life after enduring illness and homelessness. It's been especially tough on many welfare groups due to the US recession, with both a dramatic increase in animals being abandoned as owners lose homes or funds to feed their pets, and as supporters of welfare groups reduce their donations.

So please, have a look at their website to not only maybe help, but if you are a bulldog-curious, they provide a tonne of information on the care of this magnificent and charming breed.

"Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog"
Charles F. Doran