Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maybe the kids are all right - here's some proof.

I don't know...some days you wonder what the world will be like when today's pre-teens, tweenies and teens (or WHATEVER social observers call them) grow into adults. But then again I'm sure they wondered about me and my friends when we were kids...and we turned out BRILLIANT! I digress....
      I've seen 2 shining examples of hope in the last day. Firstly, my 11-year-old nephew has got together with some of his mates and decided to shave their heads for the Leukemia Foundation. I think we all know it as the "World's Greatest Shave", but the event's main aim is to raise money for research into treatments for leukemia. Go the website, it's not too late to donate to someone's team or make some sort of contribution - the shaving begins tomorrow!!!
Well done Luca, I'm very proud of you!
I came across a sweet story on the Weho Daily today...about a $70 cheque sent to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center as a donation - by a 7 year-old-boy! He enclosed a note with the cheque:

His mum also wrote a note, explaining to the center why her son was moved to donate:
“To teach the importance of improving the world around him, Malcolm was given $140 to give away to the charity of his choice. After hearing a story on the radio about the mistreatment of gays and lesbians, Malcolm became both upset and curious about the issue…to help, he chose to split his money between the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.”

The center, which provides free and low-cost health services, advocacy and outreach programs for the Los Angeles LGBT community, is now sharing Malcolm's story to try and inspire others to help - if a 7-year-old can speak out, surely us bigger people can too! This is an amazing organisation - please click here to read about the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, especially about what they offer to homeless youth who've been turned away by their families. And to read more about the flow on effect of Malcolm's donation, click here.

Bravo, Malcolm and your mum!!