Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LACMA's "Urban Light"

One very cold and wet winter night after leaving the Fashion exhibition, I took this shot of the Chris Burden installation that sits on Wilshire Blvd. This piece is made up of 202 old LA street lights that Burden sourced at flea markets and other places, and then restored himself. Made up of varieties of differing shapes - both in the ironwork and the glass lanterns - they are lit by solar power, come on at dusk, and create an almost Greek temple of light for those passing.

Why have I posted this photo? Well, the old Urban Light is becoming a bit of an LA icon. You know, one of those places any "point and shoot" novice like myself can take a good happy snap, or a newly married couple can have a quirky wedding day shot taken at, or it be a cool backdrop for an editorial shoot. But it also appears in the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher film "No Strings Attached"...not that I've seen the film, but I've seen the shorts.

But I did see Portman's other film from 2010....yes, that little film she one that gold statue on the weekend for...what's it called again? Oh, yes - "Black Swan". Nice posters...

This was one of the most raucous and yet ravishingly stunning cinema experiences I've had in a long time - PHEW, WHAT A RIDE!!!!! Hats off to Ms Portman for what she put her body through to play this role  - an Oscar well deserved for the physical and emotional achievement.