Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zodiac Art Show wrap up.

Saturday night's unveiling of Congregation Gallery's Zodiac show went off with a "big-bang"! Cosmic jokes aside, it was a strong show, with pieces in a variety of media, including photography, found-object, and kinetic sculpture as well as paintings, many beautifully framed. All pieces represented a visual interpretation of at least one of the zodiac signs, and as you would expect from a group show, these interpretations were drawn from such a broad range of artistic styles. One of the most popular pieces of the show was Larkin's "Year of the Rabbit", one of the first pieces to be snapped up on the night - who doesn't love a good bunny, especially one with a prosthetic eye and fur painted so finely?

Special mention goes too to James M Disspain - Utopian Moth couldn't go past his photographic piece "Scorpions Dig Shallow Graves", a moody study of a human skull marked with the sign of Scorpio. Disspain's photographs are textured and engaging, and his portraiture is especially getting noticed here. The guy just shot Children of Bodom - can't wait to see them!  Please check out some of his work that he has posted on Facebook:

Me and the lovely Glass!

My new acquisition, thanks Mr Disspain!

Limited edition booklet available at Congregation Gallery.
We also spotted the lovely Ashley from across the room wearing the most stunning neckpiece. Utopian Moth had to know where it came from - it's from the Lanvin for H&M range that launched that day in H&M's US stores to a fashion feeding frenzy! Ashley did well to line up VERY EARLY and get her mittens on this beauty - well done, lady!! And doesn't she wear it well?