Friday, November 19, 2010

Some sights of (recent) times....

Los Feliz piece.

Los Feliz, detail.
Los Feliz, detail.
Yep, Halloween in West Hollywood.

 Divine cakes at Bottega Louie.

 Aaaaw, cute, Swingers!

 Every skull and pumpkin Dianne could pull together.

 Altar for a doggy, Día de los Muertos, East LA.
 Fairy floss at the hockey?

 Alice In Chains 10/12 (thanks for the shot, Serena!)

 John Corbett at Steel Panther, but Bo was nowhere to be seen...

 Marc Jacobs LOVES Halloween.

 Día de los Muertos, East LA.

Most Valuable Jack-o-lantern of the carving night.

 WeHo Shiba.

 Best Halloween costume. Ever. West Hollywood Dog Costume contest.

 The palms....

 Griffith a vintage sci-fi set.

 Inside Griffith Observatory...looking up.